Narberth Police Department

"Community Policing Since 1891." 



There's been a large increase in break - ins of vehicle's in the area! Don't leave valuables in your cars and remember to lock your car doors!


Remember to secure your property! We have seen an upswing of break-ins involving vehicles and thefts of bicycles lately! Don't leave your bicycles unattended and unsecured on porches, driveways, yards, and sidewalks!

The area has also seen some instances of home break-ins, so remember to secure your homes!

Don't forget that we offer vacation house check services - while you are away the NPD is happy to keep an eye on your unoccupied home to ensure that it is secure during your absence!

FACT: Did you know the Narberth Police Department has been serving the Borough of Narberth longer than the Borough officially existed? In 1891, four years prior to incorporation in 1895, a detective was hired to patrol the neighborhood in response to a spate of burglaries that had been occurring - effectively initiating the beginning of the Narberth Police Department!

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